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School of Agriculture Technology


The School of Agricultural Technology was established in August 2012.  Presently, the School is made up of three (3) Departments, namely:

  • Department of Agricultural Technology,
  • Department of Animal Health and Production and the
  • Department of Forestry.

The School of Agricultural Technology was established to develop skilled, efficient, productive, and self–reliant graduates in various aspects of agricultural production.

  1. To establish Agricultural Enterprises in Crop, Animal Health, and Production and Forestry.
  2. To produce graduates with skills relevant to the growth and development of Agriculture in Nigeria.
  3. To provide the immediate community and the nation as a whole with information emanating from research findings.

To provide functional training in various aspects of Agriculture, suitable for the development of competent manpower and to provide sustainable improvement in various aspects of Agriculture, through teaching, research, and advisory services.

To produce graduates that are adequately equipped with knowledge and skills required for efficient and sustainable Agricultural production and self-reliance.